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Welcome to jaxgothhardcore.

This community was set up as an alternative to what has become the more "mainstream" Gothic/Industrial/Rivet/Hardcore/Punk scene in Jacksonville.

Most people into those assorted subcultures are simply into it for the entertainment value. they like the clothes, and they like the music.

We're not saying there's anything wrong with that. In fact, we wholly support that.

But there is a dedicated "hardcore" element within each subculture that remembers what they all started out being: Methods of personal expression, creativity, and above all...INDIVIDUALITY.

Here in this community, we don't intend to shy away from anything within the local subculture scene that might be considered "politically incorrect". In fact, we plan on testing the limits and boundaries of the Jacksonville scene, whether it be any of the above mentioned groups, or any other counter-culture movement.

In other words...if you have an opinion that is "not polite" or "inappropriate"...feel free to share it here. Share your views (or musings, or insane rantings) on politics, religion, music, the city of jacksonville itself, you name it.

Of course, we also welcome flyers, concert notifications , events of interest to the local scene, etc. We also encourage posting pictures of locals and local hang-outs...but we do politely request that you put all images behind a cut-tag, sheerly for politeness' sake.

Nothing that gets posted will be taken down, no matter how "controversial" it may be (or no matter how boring and pointless it may be to some people. Heh.)

That being said, welcome in and speak your mind. just don't get too upset if other people speak their minds right back to you.
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